Our lives are littered with landmarks. Births, deaths, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations…

This weekend, I will be fortunate to celebrate two very special landmarks in my life. The longer of the two is the IMSA Alumni Weekend. As a member of the Charter Class, we will be celebrating our 25th reunion this weekend. And yes, I say weekend: we will begin with a private affair at a restaurant that one of my classmates is involved in, visit campus for updates and to see alums from other classes for a bit, and then to a resort for the evening for the reunion proper. It looks like over half of the graduating class will attend — considering our class is far-flung (worldwide), and the number of life events that conspire to get in the way, this seems like a very good turnout. I’m looking forward to seeing people I’ve been reconnecting with online for the past 5-10 years. IMSA has a strong sense of shared history — perhaps especially for our class, who practically had the place to ourselves for the first year. (Perhaps literally so… we lived in the main building for the first seven months!)

Yare, an IMSA landmark

Yare, an IMSA landmark

Second, this weekend will also mark seventeen years of marriage for my hubby and I. We had a simple wedding on that date, in the Cornell Plantations. I was a graduate student, the building manager where my lab and office were was a judge in a nearby town — he officiated a lot of graduate student weddings, as it turned out. My advisor and a lab and office mate were the witnesses, and we had a simple ceremony and shared a picnic dinner that we prepared. One year to the day later, we had a more elaborate event in the suburbs here in Chicagoland, in which all too many people were invited. It was a lovely venue — it no longer functions as such, but we did a ceremony that hubby’s grandfather unofficially officiated in a gazebo outside and then went indoors for a lovely dinner and dancing and more. Of course, to me, the day is mostly a blur — I remember there were more people for the ceremony than we expected (hubby had spent so long telling people that he wasn’t ever going to get married that I think they all had to come and see it actually happen). But I’m told it was a lovely event!

Wedding pic

Wedding pic

And yes, hubby agreed to spend our anniversary eve at a reunion event. At least the kids will be with a grandma and grandpa for the weekend!

I am thankful for the happy landmarks to mark the passage of life.

And yes, there are more landmarks on the horizon as well. I have officially begun shopping for school supplies, and have a newfound respect for parents of multiple school aged kids. It’s amazing how many crayons and pencils two kindergardeners need for the first day of school! (Far more than their fifth grade big brother!)


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