My husband sent a link out this this article, and I thought it had at least tangential relations to our topic of discussion today in NMFS: Retro Design Is Crippling Innovation. It is introduced with this question:

When we get to the last week of this month, open your Google Calendar and choose the month view. You will see the previous three weeks are greyed out. Only the next few days will be “active”. If you want to see what you’ve got planned for more than the next couple of days, you’ll have to flip forward to next month.

Now ask yourself this: why does Google Calendar — and nearly every other digital calendar, come to that — work in this way?

It’s a valid question — and a good one.

Is this part of what makes apps more appealing — and more useful — than the web? Is the web more tightly bound to the traditional ways of thinking about things, while the act of creating an app makes it more likely that a new approach will be taken?

Food for thought…


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