New beginnings, 2012 edition

It’s a new semester. The coordinators of our New Media Seminar met today to plan out the coming spring edition of the seminar. If you were in last semester, you have an invite (whether we’ve sent it yet or not!) for this semester. We’re hoping to have a few additional seats, so if you’ve been following along and would like to join in, please contact me, or another one of the organizers asap!

We’ll be moving to a format of one public forum, one open discussion, and two readings each month. The public forum will meet on the first Monday of the month, with the first scheduled for 6 Feb.

Wilson and I spent 10 days in/near Havana, Cuba over the break. What an amazing trip! We were part of a 12-person faculty study tour. While much of the planning for the trip didn’t pan out, the city is an entrancing mix of beauty and ruins. I’ll add a few pics to this post later — my picture hard drive isn’t attached at the moment. (I acted as a sort of unofficial photographer and took over 2500 pictures there!)

Tiles from a wall at the Hotel Sevilla (Habana)

Tiles from a wall at the Hotel Sevilla (Habana)

A view from the restaurant in our hotel.

A view from the restaurant in our hotel.

A picture of two buildings (one tower) from Habana, Cuba.

A picture from the bus ride to our hotel on the first day.

One of my classes this semester is an ACCA course at the Morton Arboretum. We’ll only meet one evening a week until the semester gets going, so I’ve decided to add some online content to keep things interesting. I’ll have a class blog and ask students to participate during the week. (When it warms up, we’ll have Saturday morning labs.) I enjoy this class; the Arboretum is nearby, but I rarely have to go there. This class is a fun excuse to visit far more often!


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