Planning ideas

Just a few thoughts for next semester. Open to discussion. BenU NMFS folks, please comment!

Outreach: I’d like to see us take one meeting time a month and, instead of meeting for discussion, have a small group of up to three of us presenting a technology (likely, but not necessarily) one of the ones we’ve presented to one another this semester) to an open forum of faculty and staff. This semester, the CTLE has had an iPad Brown Bag the first Monday of the month — perhaps we could take that over in the spring?

Topics: Please suggest topics and papers! I don’t have any at the top of my fingertips (too buried in grading writing-intensive labs and exam creation and Cuba plans and Christmas shopping…), but I’m sure there are some lurking on my iPad or in Instapaper.

Frequency: 2-3 times per month, instead of weekly? Or maybe one brown bag (as above), two semi-formal discussions, one open meeting?

Timing: Is there another time that would be better? I think I need to keep Wednesdays free at noontime — I’ve missed many a department meeting this semester (including one tomorrow). Do Monday lunchtimes work for people in the spring? (I think Wilson and I will both teach at 1:30.)

Wow… where did the semester go?

Oh, and little brag… I know two of the people from the Mosaic team at NCSA… got to catch up with one of them a year or so ago! (And yes, he counts among my many Facebook friends…)

And on a silly note… Tom became my 666th friend on Facebook this past week, and I’m not sure I can think of a person less fit for that dubious honor. But number 667 (an aging punk rock musician named Otis Ball) would have been fairly suited…


2 Responses to “Planning ideas”

  1. Wilson Says:

    Thanks, Cheryl, for the post and the great ideas! I thought it might be helpful to reproduce a comment from one of my previous email messages: I like the balance (between theory & practice) we had this semester, although I think for next semester we could choose more focused and more recent articles (now that we’ve had some of the history and theory, which was very valuable). There seems to be a bunch of good material coming out on technology and student learning that would be helpful to read/discuss. I’m building a small reading list in my office! : ) I really think a continued and even intensified focus on pedagogy/instruction will help us develop stronger, dynamic learning environments.

    And I like your idea of monthly brown bag/open sessions!

  2. Amy W Says:

    Mondays work great for me. Perhaps 2 meetings a month, one as a group discussion and one as an instructional brownbag presentation?

    I’ve really enjoyed this, but I am curious how others think we can extend our excitement out to others for more participation.

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