First post!

I’ve struggled for a long time trying to figure out what I would put in a blog if I were to write one. A list of my activities for today — just today — might give a clue as to why:

*waking up and getting moving. caffeine acquisition.
*teaching life tables to upper-level biology students
*putting the finishing touches on an internal proposal for the technology seminar that has me writing this blog, finally
*meeting with a new academic advisee for the first time, and helping that student begin to find a way through a minor crisis
*trying to convince a partly-overlapping group of students that learning how to do and understand and communicate statistics is an important part of their education
*trying to get the proposal to successfully navigate through multiple administrative levels
*updating a course D2L site
*hanging out with my nearly three-year-old twin boys, involving a High Five magazine, a little bit of cutting (not enough for one twin), a fair bit of reading, and a lot of cuddling
*going to “crafting and conversation” at our church with my 7-year-old boy, and getting help with some slipped stitches of a simple knitting project
*putting some last touches on the seminar for tomorrow, including looking over the reading again
*putting together an invitation for the twins’ third birthday, which is less than two weeks away (family already notified of basic plans using email)
*updating the blog

And I suspect I won’t make it up early enough to run in the morning, but maybe I’ll surprise myself…

So, there’s plenty to write about. But it’s not clear what parts of this I want to include here on a regular basis just yet. Hoping the first discussions tomorrow will help me think this through a bit more!


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